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DAY TWO : Monday, January 6 - Part 3



Mercury Messenger

Mercury is returning to its roots as a design leader introducing the Messenger concept, a distinctive and energetic high-performance two-seat sports coupe.

The Messenger concept car represents the first expression of Mercury's new design DNA with a clean, technical appearance that begins to establish the look of Mercury products still to come. Mercury will introduce four new products over the next four years including a minivan, a small sport utility and two cars.

"The body surface reflects the car's power and grace, with flowing body lines that are accented with purposeful air intakes and outlets," says Gerry McGovern, design director, Lincoln Mercury. "The dynamic fluidity of the Messenger's lean and taut form is expressed at rest as much as it is in movement."


Subaro Impreza WRX

The 2004MY Impreza WRX models adopt larger headlights, now combined in a 4-element arrangement for a bolder, more dynamic look. To maximize airflow, Subaru World Rally Team designers added sharp edge character lines beginning at the headlamps and grille area and extended them onto the redesigned hood. 

All 2004 Impreza models adopt revised air inlets on the front fascia, and WRX models add projector beam halogen fog lamps to the list of standard equipment. The taillights and rear bumper are also redesigned. As before, Impreza WRX is available as both a sedan and a Sport Wagon.


Bentley Continental GT

Conceived to be a sporting coupé without rival, the Continental GT is the fastest genuine four-seat car in the world. It combines all elements of the finest Grand Touring traditions and Bentley handcraftsmanship with some of the most advanced technologies ever brought to the automotive market.

Featuring a 6-litre, W12, twin-turbocharged, engine driving all four wheels through a paddle-operated, six speed sequential automatic gearbox, the Continental GT offers supercar performance combined with the interior space, versatility and ease of ownership to make it a natural everyday car. In this respect as well as many others, Bentley believes the Continental GT to be unique.


Tony Gott, chairman and chief executive of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Rolls-Roys Phantom

'Project Rolls-Royce' began on 28 July 1998, when BMW Group became custodians of the marque. The new Rolls-Royce Phantom is the result of an intense four year design and engineering programme that has not only produced a new motor car, but also established a manufacturing plant and a new company. Each facet of the programme has been faithful to Royce's maxim. In creating the company, motor car and plant, perfection has been the goal.

The Phantom has authentic Rolls-Royce design proportions combined with 21st century engineering integrity. Exterior authenticity embraces a long bonnet and wheelbase, short front and long rear overhangs, a strong C-post and discreet rear window.

The new Rolls-Royce Phantom has generous interior dimensions and a prominent seating position for comfort and authority. Rear seat passengers sit alongside the C-post, well back in the motor car where they enjoy the highest levels of privacy and safety.

Tony Gott, chairman and chief executive of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, says: "For nearly 100 years, Rolls-Royce has been the icon of motor engineering and design. The name has entered the language as the expression of perfection in a range of endeavours far beyond the motor industry.

"The new Rolls-Royce Phantom is, we believe, entirely in keeping with that long and illustrious heritage yet is totally contemporary in its design and technology. Its name evokes the personality of the inter-war Rolls-Royce Phantom I, II and III models, some of the best designed and finest engineered motor cars to bear the Rolls-Royce name."


Lincoln Navicross

Lincoln Navicross Designers

The Lincoln Navicross represents the next step in applying the Lincoln design DNA -- a process that began with the Lincoln MK9 concept in 2001 and, a year later, the Lincoln Continental show car.

By developing the design DNA through concepts, Lincoln is transforming its products, first by applying their influence in new Lincoln interior designs. Beginning with new 2002 and 2003 products, Lincoln has tripled its investment in interior design. Elements of the show cars are found in today's world- class interiors of the Lincoln Aviator and Navigator.

"Navicross demonstrates that the Lincoln vision can be both restrained and dramatic, providing an emotional and compelling outlook on the future of Lincoln's product range," says Gerry McGovern, design director, Lincoln Mercury. "We've shown how our interior designs translate into production. Through our concepts, our design DNA will continue to redefine the Lincoln brand inside and out."

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