Bob Lutz on CTS-V driving the "fastest sedan" in Caddilac V-series Challenge

This GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz is racing a handful of high-priced, high-performance rivals at a New York track today, bringing "May the best car win" to life. Lutz is behind the wheel of a "showroom stock" Cadillac CTS-V with a 6.2-liter, supercharged V-8 rated at 556 horsepower.

This is all about having fun" at a dreary time in the recession-thumped auto business, Lutz told USA Today. "If I don't have the fastest lap, I'll blame it on my age."

Several private owners are taking the challenge as well as an Audi RS4 and BMW M5. Jaguar originally said it would enter an XFR but backed out citing safety concerns.   

Bob Lutz driving CTSV

"I think it means that the European high-performance sedans are excellent, even superb cars, but quite possibly not ready for racing laps right out of the showroom,” Lutz said.” 'May the best car win'! (It wins automatically if the competitors won't show up!)"

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