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December 01, 2010

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Ford will open 66 new Dealerships in China by year end

Ford New Edge

  • Ford will have added 100 new dealerships in China in 2010, bringing its total number of outlets here to 340.

  • Ford expects to have a record sales year in China in 2010.

  • CFMA continues to expand, building a new assembly and engine plants in Chongqing

Nanning  – As part of its ambitious growth plans, Ford is opening 66 new dealerships in China by the end of the year. Ford will have added 100 new dealerships in China in 2010, bringing its total number of outlets here to 340. The newer dealerships are located primarily in the fast-growing two- and three-tier cities located in western and northern China.

"Following the call to 'go west,' we are expanding west and in developing cities in China where most of the future growth will come from," said Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford, Asia Pacific and Africa, and chairman and CEO of Ford China. "By expanding our retail footprint in western China, we are continuing to realize the vision of Henry Ford to make personal transportation more accessible and efficient. We are thankful that with the support of our JV partners in China we are on track to have a record sales year in China. We will also have a record year for sales in the Asia Pacific and Africa region as a whole."

The new dealerships will be located throughout Ford's sales regions in China, in cities such as Liyang, Shijiazhuang, Harbin, Wanzhou in Chongqing and Anyang. Many of these cities, relatively unknown outside of China, have populations well over one million people and will help lead the next wave of growth in the Chinese economy.

“It’s all about growth – for Ford, for our partners and most importantly, growth for our customers,” said Nigel Harris, general manager of Changan Ford Sales Company. “With the additional 66 dealers we are opening, we will be on track to have more than 340 operational dealerships in China by the end of the year. Sixty-six is an auspicious number in China, and we think it bodes well for our future success. We are very thankful to have some of the best sales and service colleagues in the automotive business working at Changan Ford. As ambassadors of the Ford brand as it expands, they work hard to make sure our new and existing customers 'feel the difference' in the products we offer and the services we provide.”

Harris presided over the grand opening of a new dealership in Nanning, Guanxi Province today, one of many similar celebrations taking place across China. Dozens of officials, media and dealer personnel were on hand to inaugurate the newest dealership in Changan Ford's retail network.

Ford and its joint venture Changan Ford Mazda Automotive Ltd. (CFMA) are building a new assembly plant in Chongqing, and just signed an agreement to build a new engine plant also in Chongqing. Ford is introducing the new Edge SUV to China in mid-December.

Photos: Ford

(November 25, 2010)


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