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Ford TH!NK Group

DETROIT – Ford Motor Company unveiled a new brand, TH!NK Group, an all-new organization that will provide innovative solutions for environmentally responsible personal mobility. Ford is the only automaker to dedicate an independent brand to a full line of environmentally responsible products, to include battery and fuel cell electric technology.


On hand at the North American International Auto Show to unveil TH!NK to an international audience of journalists were William Clay Ford Jr., Ford Motor Company chairman, and Jac Nasser, Ford Motor Company president and chief executive officer.

"TH!NK is the organization that will provide us ingenious mobility solutions for the new millennium. It is further proof of the company’s commitment to connecting with the customer," said Nasser. "Since its inception, our company has been a leader in automotive technology and innovation. That same innovative spirit drives us today and the new generation of TH!NK vehicles is proof that personal mobility and environmental responsibility can coexist," he added.

TH!NK Group is comprised of two organizations –

  • TH!NK Technologies and

  • TH!NK Mobility.

TH!NK Mobility, LLC, is a limited liability corporation which is wholly owned by Ford Motor Company.


TH!NK Mobility will include an internet-based, e-commerce enterprise (www.thinkmobility.com) for ordering and optional direct-to-customer delivery for its TH!NK neighbor personal mobility low speed vehicle and TH!NK bike fun and TH!NK bike traveler electric bicycles. The TH!NK neighbor and TH!NK bikes will also be available through retail outlets, including participating Ford dealers.

TH!NK Mobility, LLC, is made up of a line of battery electric vehicles:

TH!NK city – This innovative battery electric urban car is currently available for sale or lease in Norway. It will be available throughout the rest of Scandinavia starting later this year. This innovative two-seat vehicle has a body constructed of recyclable thermoplastic and an approximate driving range of 55 miles before requiring recharging. When the redesigned TH!NK city becomes available in the U.S., certified Ford Ranger EV dealers will be the only choice for TH!NK city sales, service and delivery.

TH!NK neighbor – An electric personal mobility low speed vehicle designed for commuting around closed communities, industrial sites, resorts, golf courses and private roads. It will be available later this year in a two or four seat configuration. TH!NK neighbor will meet the new U.S. government FMVSS500 requirements for low speed vehicles, and can be easily modified to suit individual preferences with a number of options. TH!NK neighbor will be available for order online at www.thinkmobility.com, with deliveries scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2000.

TH!NK neighbor can also be available at retail outlets, including participating Ford dealers.


TH!NK Technologies is responsible for developing and commercializing Ford’s efforts in fuel cell power. Electric fuel cell technology currently provides the most promising future alternative to the internal combustion engine. The TH!NK FC5 (Fuel Cell, 5th generation), based on a four door 2000 Ford Focus and unveiled today in Detroit, is a family size sedan powered by the latest generation methanol reformer fuel cell.

TH!NK is an enterprise of Ford Motor Company, led by John Wallace, executive director of TH!NK Group.

(Jan. 10, 2000)


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