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Ford Thunderbird Concept

Thunderbird Concept


"The Ford Thunderbird has fired the imagination of car enthusiasts for decades and generations," said Ford president and chief executive Jac Nasser. "This timeless classic is an important part of Ford Motor Company's heritage and, indeed, has become well known throughout the world - if not in the metal, then certainly on the cinema screen."

The new Ford Thunderbird Concept car simplifies design elements from the Ford Thunderbirds made between 1955-57 and 1961-62 into a contemporary form.

Thunderbird Introduction at the Geneva Autoshow

The Introduction of the Thunderbird Concept at the Geneva
Auto show by Ford Vice-President of Design J Mays

The Concept car owes its relaxed, confident stance to a negative-wedge design in which the front of the vehicle appears to be set slightly higher than the rear. It derives its sporty look from 18-inch, eight-spoke aluminum wheels and P245R50-18 tires.

The Ford Thunderbird Concept

Classic cues include the removable hard top with porthole windows, aluminium-finished chevrons, integrated bonnet scoop, round headlamps, tail-lights and fog lamps and the trademark Thunderbird badge. The car's oval radiator grille-opening retains the original aluminium-finished "egg-crate" design, with large fog lamps set into the front bumper and a secondary grille-opening below them.

The trademark wrap-around windscreen is set at a 64-degree angle and surrounded by a wide band of chrome, as are the porthole windows.

Chrome slash marks on the front quarter panels are cut into the sheet metal as a modern interpretation of the original 1954 car's prominent chevrons.

The balanced proportions of the Concept car are a throwback to the 1961-2 Ford Thunderbirds, with the doors, set toward the centre rather than the rear, and a crisp line running from headlamp to tail-light - reminiscent of one of the car's legendary tail fins.

The interior combines modern materials with the flair of the two-tone interiors of the past. Two black leather-wrapped bucket seats are stitched with a washboard-like pattern.

Thunderbird Concept Interior

The instrument panel features white dials with turquoise pointers. Black leather covers the upper instrument panel, steering wheel and gear lever, while the lower instrument panel and glove box are accented in red leather.

The aluminium-finished Thunderbird badge is prominently placed on the vehicle's nose, rear and across the front seat backs. The aluminium-finished Thunderbird script stretches across both rear quarter panels.

As Ford Vice-President of Design J Mays explained: "The design of the Ford Thunderbird Concept reflects the attitude of a simpler time."

"This is an aspirational design," Mays added. "Simple shapes combined with timeless materials and textures convey a relaxed, confident look and a feel that is the true essence of the original Ford Thunderbird."



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