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Jaguar & Land Rover: Management

Newly appointed CEO and Chairman of Jaguar and Land Rover, Geoff Polites (July 20, 2005)

Ford Motor Company is today announcing changes to its senior management team, which includes placing broader emphasis on relations with Government across its Premier Automotive Group and Ford of Europe businesses.

  • Joe Greenwell takes up newly created role of Vice President Government Affairs Premier Automotive Group and Ford of Europe.

  • Geoff Polites, currently Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe, appointed CEO of Jaguar and Land Rover.

  • Bennie Fowler, currently Chief Operating Officer of Jaguar Cars and Land Rover, returns to the United States to take up the role of Vice President Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, The Americas.

  • Jan Gijsen, currently Operations Manager at Ford's Genk plant, appointed Manufacturing Director of Jaguar and Land Rover. Recent political developments and the legislative environment in Europe have resulted in the creation of a new executive role to develop and coordinate all Ford Motor Company's strategy with Government and other official bodies in the European region.

Director, Manufacturing

Marin Burela, 39, is the Director, Manufacturing at Land Rover, Solihull.

Before joining Land Rover, Marin was on a special development assignment as Regional Operations Manager in US Marketing and Sales. He has extensive experience in manufacturing, including Plant Manager in Powertrain, Ford Australia and as Manufacturing Manager in Dagenham Vehicle Operations in the UK.

Marin Burela

Director of Human Resources

Nick Caton, 41, is the Director, Human Resources at Land Rover.

Before joining Land Rover, Nick was Director, Human Resources, Ford of Mexico. Prior to that, he was the Human Resources Director for the Ford/VW joint venture at AutoEuropa in Portugal.

Nick Caton

Director of Marketing and Sales

Matthew Taylor, 40, is the Director, Marketing and Sales at Land Rover. He was appointed to his new position on July 1, 2000 - the day Ford Motor Company acquired Land Rover from the BMW Group.

Before joining Land Rover, Matthew was the Vice President - Marketing and Sales, Ford Australia. Prior to that, he was Managing Director of Ford Spain. He has also held many positions in Ford of Britain Marketing and Sales department.

Matthew Taylor

Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Gavin Green, 44, is the Director, Communications and Public Affairs at Land Rover.

Gavin is best known as editor of Car Magazine from 1987 to 1992 and editor-in-chief of EMAP Publications (Motoring Titles) from 1993 to 1999. Before joining Land Rover he was Director, Public Affairs, Ford of Britain.

Gavin Green

Director of Finance

David Smith, 39, is the Director, Finance at Land Rover.

David has held numerous positions within Ford Finance since he joined Ford in 1983. In recent years he has worked in New and Emerging Markets and was based in Turkey before joining Land Rover.

David Smith

Director of Purchasing

Steve Jones, 45, is the Director, Purchasing at Land Rover.

Before joining Land Rover, Steve was Purchasing Manager, Machinery and Tooling with Ford of Europe. He has held many positions with Ford in the European and US Purchasing organisations.

Steve Jones

Director of Product Development

Steve Ross, 44, is the Director, Product Development at Land Rover.

Hugely experienced in 4x4 engineering, Steve was Chief Programme Engineer on the Ford Explorer Sport and Sport Trac before joining Land Rover. He joined Ford in June 1979.

Steve Ross

(August, 2000)

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