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Range Rover Special Edition: Linley

Land Rover has announced details of the most exclusive Range Rover model ever to be made at the Solihull factory. Designed by David Linley and with a price tag in excess of £100,000, initially just 10 examples of the new all-black ultimate 4x4 luxury vehicle will be built.

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David Linley and the Range Rover Linley

David Linley and the Range Rover Linley

Each Range Rover Linley will be built on the production line and then transferred to Land Rover’s on-site Special Vehicles facility for a further 100 hours of hand-finishing from craftsmen.

With the continuing development of the Range Rover ‘Autobiography’ customisation programme and David Linley being hailed as a designer to rival Hepplewhite and Sheraton, it was perhaps inevitable that David Linley and Land Rover would one day collaborate.

Range Rover Linley

Land Rover gave David Linley total freedom to interpret his ideas. The design that emerged was stunning. The all-black vehicle inspired by his ‘Metropolitan’ range of furniture features black wood and ebony finishes.

The piano black coachwork is achieved by hand-spraying with a solid black paint which is hand-polished to a mirror finish. To complement the coachwork the 18 inch multi-spoked alloy wheels have a unique ‘Shadow Chrome’ finish.

The all-black vehicle inspired by his ‘Metropolitan’ range of furniture

Discreet touches of chrome and the vehicle identity in stainless steel add the final detail to the exterior of the vehicle. To match the coachwork even the windows are polished with jeweller’s rouge to add that extra sparkle.

The interior is also all in black. Piano black veneer on the facia, cubby box, picnic trays and door cappings contrast with seats trimmed in the highest grade automotive leather. Black leather is also applied to the headlining, parcel tray and other detailing. Luxurious thick-pile carpet is used for the floor of the cabin and luggage compartment, while black lambswool rugs cosset the feet.

Subtle touches of brightwork are used to provide contrast with the interior. This includes ‘star burst’ graphics, unique to the Range Rover Linley. The steering wheel is piano black with steel inserts that echo traditional British car design.

Technology features just as strongly as luxury with an in-car navigation system is fitted as well as a twin screen TV and video.

The impact of the Range Rover Linley design is that the vehicle appears to have been carved from a solid block, while the textures of the materials used on the interior, although all in black, complement each other to avoid too much of a monotone feel.

The finishes employed convey an appropriate tactile feel to their function from the smoothness of the steering wheel to the luxury of the lambswool over-rugs.

The no-compromise of the quality of the materials and craftsmanship employed in bringing David Linley’s design vision to fruition, dictate that the Range Rover Linley will be a vehicle for the very few. Production will be on a bespoke basis and each Range Rover Linley will have distinguishing touches that will make each vehicle built truly unique.

October 1999

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