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Ford : All new 2000 Lincoln LS

2000 Lincoln LS
Photo: Ford

San Francisco, April 13, 1999 - The Lincoln LS is more than an all-new car – it is also an entree to an all-new segment for Lincoln.

LS is designed and engineered to appeal to a customer who normally wouldn’t put "Lincoln" on a shopping list of premium automotive marques. Potential LS customers are busy building successful lives. They are independent, open-minded and confident but, at the same time, they’re not ostentatious – they don’t believe that the best choice in automobiles necessarily has to be the most obvious or expensive.


LS is designed to balance American style and luxury with European driving dynamics. It offers athletic and confident performance while surrounding its occupants with comfortable, yet functional, luxury.

LS also establishes a new level of affordable luxury, highlighted by the most competitively priced V-8 in the segment. The LS V-8 features a starting price of $35,225, thousands of dollars less than competitive V-8 luxury sedans. The LS V-6 equipped with automatic transmission starts at $31,450; the LS V-6 with manual transmission and standard Sport Package starts at $32,250. All prices include $535 in destination and delivery charges.

"The Lincoln LS enters the fastest growing portion of the luxury segment, so we know how critical it is to offer a car with outstanding driving dynamics, superb American comfort and outstanding value," says Jim Rogers, vice president of marketing for Lincoln Mercury. "LS is a true luxury sport sedan, with a unique balance of performance and comfort – all offered at a pleasantly surprising price," he adds.

Customers in the luxury sport segment expect features that were mandatory from the very beginning of the LS development program: smooth and powerful powertrains; athletic and responsive vehicle dynamics; a spacious, comfortable and quiet cabin; functional trunk capacity; and purposeful optional equipment, such as the Sport Package and SelectShiftTM automatic transmission.

Early in the development process, the LS team conducted comparative driving tests with potential customers and competitive vehicles to identify exactly what these customers expect. The research found that they considered LS a timeless classic design that fits well in the luxury sport segment. While some competitors deliver superb performance and others are luxuriously comfortable, the Lincoln LS was recognized as offering a desirable balance of American luxury and European driving dynamics.

LS will provide customers with an American-bred, American-built alternative to imported luxury sport sedans, and is expected to attract a new and younger customer into Lincoln showrooms.

As the Navigator proved with its instant popularity, LS provides further proof that Lincoln has transformed itself into a full-line luxury manufacturer delivering exciting, contemporary products. LS will play a critical role in expanding Lincoln’s presence as a global brand.

With LS, Lincoln is well positioned to join one of the automotive industry’s fastest growing areas – the luxury sport segment. Between 1994 and 1998, vehicle registrations in this segment grew from more than 262,000 units to nearly 438,000 units. In 1994, the luxury sport sub-segment comprised 26 percent of the overall luxury car segment. In 1998, that ratio had grown to 40 percent.

LS is designed for buyers who are upwardly mobile and self-confident. Most of them will have previously owned a domestic model, but who are now ready for a car delivering functional performance with luxury appointments, like LS. Features and equipment packaging for LS is performance-oriented and purposeful with an emphasis on functional luxury. The LS V-8 automatic is expected to be the most popular configuration, followed by the V-6 automatic and V-6 with five-speed manual transmission. Standard equipment for all cars includes leather upholstery, 16-inch brushed aluminum wheels, a power tilt and telescoping steering wheel, and real wood trim for the steering wheel and shift knob.

LS allows customers to personalize their car with an optional convenience package containing memory seating and steering wheel adjusters, an electrochromic rear-view mirror, and moisture sensitive windshield wipers. A Sport Package will be standard equipment with the V-6 manual transmission powertrain, and offered as optional equipment on the V-6 and V-8 equipped with automatic transmissions.

This configuration includes 17-inch wheels with high-performance tires, SelectShiftä automatic transmission and a European-tuned suspension.

The LS, in combination with the Navigator, broadens the Lincoln brand beyond traditional luxury offerings. "For us, the perfect garage is one that is home to both a Navigator and an LS," says LS brand manager Mike Crowley.

Another LS distinction is the dialogue that Lincoln established early-on with potential customers. "These are influential, car-smart consumers who help three or more of their friends and associates decide which vehicle to buy," Crowley says.

Lincoln provided these potential customers with detailed technical information, with an emphasis on the attributes that make LS a serious driver’s car. With over 600,000 hits to date on the LS internet web site, this all-new Lincoln has attracted a lot of attention.

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