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General Motors Technical Center

General Motors announced to concentrate its engineering resources. In the future, that means within the next 3-5 years, General Motors will focus on 3 product development centers and 8 local engineering centers. Therefore a budget of nearly $ 1.5 billion is foreseen.

Almost $ 900 million will be invested into the Warren Center, Mich., which will be the home of 16,000 engineers and technicians.

About $ 170 million will be spent for the Pontiac truck engineering faculty, Mich. A $ 200 million will go into the consolidated power train engineering in Pontiac as well.


The GM Technical Center was designed by architect Eero Saarinen and was built in 1950. Occupying 330 acres, its 25 buildings including gatehouses, large laboratories, offices and shop buildings, are arranged along three sides of a 22-acre lake.

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General Motors Product Development Centers

General Motors Technical Centers

The one-square-mile complex of engineering facilities is located 12 miles north of  Detroit, Michigan. The Technical Center is the workshop for GM engineers, researchers, stylists, designers, mechanics, machinists, and other specialists. Although each GM division conducts most of their own short-range research and engineering projects in-house, a high percentage of the work done by the Technical Center is initiated on request of the divisions. At the Center, the research and engineering projects are conducted over an extended length of time. Engineering staff projects generally look ahead at least three to five years while research projects extend even further into the future.

In addition, the Technical Center handles programs that would be uneconomical or beyond the resources of individual divisions. All styling and design of products is handled exclusively at the Technical Center in individual brand character groups.

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