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News of  January 18, 2000


PSA: 2,516,000 Vehicles Sold in 1999, up 10.4% 2000 target: 2,700,000

In 1999, PSA Peugeot CitroŽn beat its own historical record with 2,516,000 units sold worldwide, amply exceeding the 2,277,000 vehicles sold in 1998, and more than meeting its early-year forecast of 2,400,000 vehicles. In a global market up by around 5%, the performance represented a 10.4% increase compared to 1998, when sales already rose by 8.5%.

For the first time ever, CitroŽn sales topped one million units, while Peugeot ranked as the fastest growing broadline marque in Europe.

Highlights of the year

In Europe (17 countries), PSA Peugeot CitroŽn reinforced its position as the second manufacturer of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, with a total of 2,141,000 registrations. The Group outperformed the Europe’s other broadline carmakers, with a volume growth of 11.2% in a market up by around 5%.

The Group also confirmed its European market leadership in the commercial vehicle segment, with registrations increasing 9% to a total of 315,000.

For the first time, the Group rose to second place in the European passenger car market, with registrations up 12% to 1,826,000 vehicles.

The Group’s market share in Europe stood at 12.7% versus 12% in 1998.

Successes of the year

Sales of the Peugeot 206, introduced in 1998, rose steadily throughout the year. Production volumes at the four plants worldwide were increased from 2,000 units a day in January to 3,000 in December. A total of 554,000 units were sold during the year, at a time when the 206 won some ten European and international awards.

The Berlingo and Partner also proved to be very popular, with total sales reaching 227,000 units.

The two marques’ sales were boosted by the 1999 spreading of the high pressure direct injection (HDI) diesel engine, now available on nine Peugeot and CitroŽn models. Some 380,000 HDI-equipped cars were already sold in the engine’s first year of production. Output is scheduled to rise to 700,000 units in 2000 in response to strong customer demand.

European markets

A total of 2,141,000 PSA Peugeot CitroŽn cars and commercial vehicles were registered in Western Europe in 1999, including 1,264,000 Peugeot vehicles and 877,000 CitroŽn vehicles. PSA Peugeot CitroŽn car sales increased on every European market with the single exception of Denmark which market showed a significant decrease.

In France, sales expanded by 12.9% in volume, in a market up 10.2%. The Group strengthened its position as France’s leading carmaker, with a market share of 30.3%.

In Spain, the Group ranked number one in a market up 20%. Registrations came to 372,000 units, representing a market share of 21.5%.

In Germany, Peugeot and Citroen increased their sales in a lackluster market, raising the Group’s market share to 4% from 3.6% in 1998.

Markets outside Western Europe

Around 366,000 units were sold outside Western Europe in 1999, including 237,000 Peugeot vehicles and 129,000 CitroŽn vehicles. The Group deepened penetration of its priority markets, the Mercosur countries and Central Europe.

Peugeot and CitroŽn increased sales in a Mercosur market down by an average 18.5%, lifting the Group’s share to 4.5% from 3.1% in 1998. Total sales by the two marques represented an estimated 70,000 units.

Sales in Central Europe totaled 83,000 units. The 20.5% year-on-year increase, which was one of the Group’s best performances, was largely attributable to the 20% sales growth in Poland, in a market up 15%.

The past year saw important new developments in China and Iran, where the Group strengthened its presence. In China, sales of the ZX Fukang totaled an estimated 45,000 units, representing a market share of around 8%. In Iran, Peugeot and Iran Khodro signed a contract to build the 206 under license, in addition to the 405 already being locally produced.

Outlook for 2000: 2.7 million vehicles

In 2000, the favorable economic outlook should ensure that the European car and commercial vehicle markets remain buoyant. The Group should also benefit from the launch of the Xsara Picasso in December 1999 followed by the Peugeot 607 in March 2000, as well as from the full-year impact of scaled-up production of the Peugeot 206 and HDI-powered models.

PSA Peugeot CitroŽn therefore expects to meet its 2000 sales target of 2.7 million vehicles.


PSA Peugeot CitroŽn Worldwide sales 1998 et 1999



1999 (estimated)

Europe Peugeot 1, 082, 874 Peugeot 1, 269, 000
  CitroŽn 836, 363 CitroŽn 881, 000
  Total PSA 1, 919, 237 Total PSA 2, 150, 000
Outside Europe Peugeot 229, 295 Peugeot 237, 000
  CitroŽn 129, 052 CitroŽn 129, 000
  Total PSA 358, 347 Total PSA 366, 000
Total Peugeot 1, 312, 169 Peugeot 1, 506, 000
  CitroŽn 965, 415 CitroŽn 1, 010, 000
  Total PSA 2, 277, 584 Total PSA 2, 516, 000

(Jan. 6, 2000)


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