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Vauxhall :  Ellesmere Port Plant

  • Astra launch with $ 489 Mill. investment

  • Launch of a new supplier park concept

In Ellesmere Port the new Astra is launched as well as in Bochum, Germany. The investment of $ 489 Mill. is the biggest one ever spent for this plant. The money was spent mainly for the flexible body shop (2/3) and to the update of the assembly area (1/3). Volume will be increased  from 145,000 units to 160,000 p.a.

The most impressive part of the new plant is the new supplier setting, which includes

  • Delphi Automotive Systems,

  • Plastic Omnium Automotive and

  • Mackie Automotive Systems.

The suppliers are based within the plant, delivering their components SILS, which stands for Supply in Line Sequence.  For the supplier park an investment of $ 35 Mill. was necessary. About 200 people work here in total.


 The tasks are splitted as following:

  • Delphi : Delphi delivers chassis and underbody components

    • the rear axle assembly,

    • the front cradle and

    • the front strut assembly.

    • in parallel Delphi collects and delivers different product groups inline seuence to the assembly, as a kind of a consolidator.

  • Plastic Omnium : Plastic Omnium supplies painted bumpers, fuel tanks and filler systems.

  • Mackie : Mackie is sequencing trim compoents, also from other suppliers, and the cooling module, complete with radiator, fan and air cooler.


 Ellesme.jpg (105882 Byte)

source : Vauxhall

The new bodyshop in Ellesmere Port

  • 500 robots from Fanuc, Japan

  • Framing station from ABB-Preciflex : the station is bringing together

    • front,

    • rear,

    • sides and

    • base and weld them together.

  • Three sets of tooling are used in the framing station : 2 front half of the body, rear and base. Each set can be changed individually. The machine accepts 4 sets for each front and rear tooling and 2 sets for base sets.

  • 170 people are working in the body shop per shift

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