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June 18, 2003
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Cadillac Engineering Excellence: Integrated Team To Raise Standards At Cadillac

WARREN, Mich. - General Motors is launching a new engineering initiative aimed at achieving industry-leading standards of quality and prestige in its premium luxury vehicles.

The "Cadillac Excellence" initiative brings together a select team of engineers focused on enhancing GM's premium design and engineering practices to deliver uncompromised quality, breakthrough design, value-added product innovations and safety features, superior performance and a personalized ownership experience.

"When we studied the unique demands of the luxury segment looking for ways to make our best practices even better, the logic of adding a small, dedicated engineering team became clear," said Jim Queen, vice president of GM North American Engineering. "We believe this is the most effective and efficient strategy to accomplish our mission to return Cadillac to the standard of the world and to continuously raise the overall quality of our high-end vehicles."


Supported by engineering facilities at the GM Technical Center in Warren and Milford Proving Ground, the team will establish an enhanced vehicle development process (VDP) and sovereign list of materials and specifications for the execution of future Cadillac products.

While specifically aimed at future Cadillac products, the benefits of this approach will resonate throughout GM's portfolio. Refinements at this level will give rise to new technologies that can be quickly implemented across different platforms and vehicle architectures.

The Cadillac Excellence team of about 100 engineers is highly focused on key systems for maximum impact. The group is led by a seasoned management team headed by Denny Mooney, executive director of GM Vehicle Integration.

(June 16, 2003)

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