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New Ruesselsheim

The new Rüsselsheim plant has a planned annual capacity of around 270,000 cars, manufactured on a joint production line in three shifts. The facility, which is being built along the lines of the Opel production plant in Eisenach, is one of the biggest projects in the company's DM 9 billion investment program in Germany.

Old Ruesselsheim

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  Opel :  Eisenach Plant, Germany


Opel´s Eisenach plant was designed as lean plant following the role model of NUMMI in Fremont; CA. Nowadays about 2,000 people are working here.

The plant is fully equiped with

  • a body shop,

  • a paint shop and

  • an assembly shop.

  • Most services are outsourced

Press parts are bought from GM or other suppliers. Services are outsourced as much as possible. Maintenance, engineering, services as catering and security are provided by local suppliers.


  • The assembly is lean following Toyota Lean Manufacturing principles

The assembly is kept lean as well, with lean materials principals in place. High area productivity characterizes the assembly line.

The car sequence for the assembly is set-up between paint and assembly by using a car buffer wit about 300 places. Access is random and allows to reach every body to every time.

Car Buffer between Paint and Assembly

Modules are separated from the main line and assembled and delivered like a fish bone layout. The door module is assembled along the main line. Very short and very efficient, only 30 m are needed to assemble the whole module and deliver it back to the car.

  eisenach door assy

 eisenach engine assy

The same principle is followed for the engine assembly

As in many other GM/Opel plants, seats are delivered in line sequence by automatic transportation, delivered directly to the location at the line, where the seats are mounted.

Seat delivery 

Material supply is organized by KanBan and the material is delivered into receiving areas via docking stations, which are placed around the whole assembly building.

eisenach kanban


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