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New Ruesselsheim

The new Rüsselsheim plant has a planned annual capacity of around 270,000 cars, manufactured on a joint production line in three shifts. The facility, which is being built along the lines of the Opel production plant in Eisenach, is one of the biggest projects in the company's DM 9 billion investment program in Germany.

Old Ruesselsheim

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Opel :  Eisenach Plant, Germany

Opel´s Eisenach Plant

Eisenach was build as the role model for whole General Motors. Bought in 1989, the plant developed as a training facility for all GM managers. Currently the new plants in

were build using the experience and approach of Eisenach.

Eisenach became famous over the years, even US President Bill Clinton visited the plant in 1998. On the picture you see Bill Clinton with Chancellor Kohl receiving one of the standard Eisenach plant shirts.

Clinton Visit in Eisenach


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