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.August 13, 2003
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Valeo to announce contracts and technical innovations of "Domains" technology strategy at IAA 2003

Paris, France - At a press conference September 10 at IAA 2003, the Frankfurt international motor show, Valeo will announce new contracts it has won and technologies it has developed during the first two years of its Domains approach. Announced at the IAA 2001, the Domain approach is the marketing and technology strategy of cross-discipline system development of Valeo.

From cars that almost park themselves, doors and trunks that open and close themselves to front headlights that look around corners, Valeo is showing advanced systems that have been developed for automakers cost-effectively and with more features, thanks to the Domains approach. These systems will include current and future technologies from its five domains: "Seeing and Being Seen," "Electrical Energy Management," "Access and Security," "Thermal Systems" and "Driveline Systems."


The Valeo stand will illustrate how Domains work. They successfully exploit the many Valeo engineering competencies, sometimes supported by external partnerships, to conceive and develop innovative new systems. A common denominator of many new products and systems is the integration of electrical and electronics technologies for communication, control and actuation, hence the Electrical Energy Management Domain plays an important role in integrating both Valeo and other vehicle systems, as evidenced on the stand. Electrical and Electronics technologies now account for more than 50 percent of Group sales.

Show presentations include:

- High performance LED front lighting system, both dynamic and fixed bending front lights and infrared night vision - all making significant contributions to driving comfort and road safety.

- A steering systems torque sensor developed for electrically power assisted steering systems which is expected to equip over 60 percent of all European vehicles by 2010.

- The Blind Spot detection system, benefiting from a partnership with Raytheon Inc., which can accurately detect obstacles in a car's blind spot during overtaking.

- Clutch-by-wire, in which an electric clutch actuation with electronic control replaces a mechanical or hydraulic connection to the pedal, enabling very low pedal effort and short travel, safer designs of the clutch pedal and simpler installation.

- Air quality sensor that automatically switches the air conditioning to recirculation mode and air purification when outside pollution rises, as in a traffic jam or tunnel.

In addition, Valeo will announce contracts with carmakers for new systems at its IAA press conference. Valeo will present a wide range of current innovations that contribute to making cars safer, even more cost-effective, more comfortable and more useful. They include the latest vehicle access and security systems for the Renault Laguna, Espace IV and Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the bending light on the Porsche Cayenne. These systems have all won prestigious innovation awards.

The company's "Valeo added" mind-set will be readily apparent throughout the stand which shows how Valeo adds technology, Valeo adds innovation and Valeo adds value.

Innovations normally unnoticed by the final customer but important to engineers charged with developing flexible and cost-effective solutions will also be displayed. They include such products as the flexible E-module(tm) and powered closure drive units, which are standardised modules compatible with dozens of different ways of designing doors. THEMIS(tm) is a system to optimise control of engine coolant temperature in all driving conditions. UltimateCooling(tm) is a new concept of powertrain thermal architecture, using water-cooled heat exchangers for all fluids, aiming at saving space in the front-end.

A display devoted to Valeo's many aftermarket products will include live presentations of the Valeo flat blade wipers and ultrasonic parking assist systems, both of which can be retrofitted to many vehicles. For professional visitors, Valeo will also show Clim-Service, an aftermarket tool for servicing air conditioning systems.

(August 05, 2003)

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